Rite of Election imageCome and join the team of musicians for the Diocesan Rite of Election, which takes place in the Cathedral on the Saturday following Ash Wednesday - this year, that is the 17th February

At this celebration, which takes a form similar to a Liturgy of the Word rather than a full Mass, those who are intending to become part of the Catholic Church in their parishes at Easter come to the Cathedral to meet with the Bishop and their fellow candidates and catechumens. 

The music is drawn from various sources, and includes songs, psalms, hymns, chants and more. Some are well-known, others are less well-known. This year the celebration will reflect, among other things, on the Diocesan Year of Mission. 

There will be a short rehearsal on the day - the celebration is at 11 o'clock, and we'll set up and rehearse at 10 o'clock.

Music for the Rite of Election this year includes: As the Deer Longs (Hurd), O God I seek you (Haugen), Praise to you O Christ our Saviour (Farrell), Teach Me O God (Walker), Give me a new heart (Walker) and more besides. 

If you think that you might like to join us to sing (or play) in the celebration this year, please fill out the form below. Note that doing so doesn't imply commitment, but it will allow us to plan the music and to communicate plans with you closer to the event. 

Please fill out the name and email fields on this form; if you have any extra information (voice part, instrument, requirements, etc) then please use the optional notes field. When you're done, click 'Register'. Thank you!