Be a Better Singer Days

Would you like to be a better singer?

Do you want to be a better cantor, choir member, leader or simply a more active member of the singing congregation?

Do you want to pep up the cantoring in liturgies in your parish?

Does your rejoicing need a rejuvenation? 


This day is led by Martin Le Poidevin and other members of the Diocesan Music team and can cover items such as: 

  • Using your voice safely and effectively to lead your people
  • Pew singing - being the voice that leads those around you
  • Choosing the right notes for you
  • Lifting the words, raising the people
  • Being the centre of worship without being the centre of attention
  • Teamwork for singers and musicians

Plus many more topics which can be adjusted, created, adapted and aligned to your parish/congregation/group. 

The days usually start with a celebration of either Mass (if your priest is available and willing) or Morning Prayer, and end with another celebration. In between there are two main sessions on singing, led by Martin Le Poidevin. These sessions cover a variety of topics, subjects and abilities. The first will start with a warm-up and a discussion of using your singing voice; later sessions will concentrate on more specific aspects of singing in church.

Although Martin will tailor the subject matter to what is required, as a general rule the subject matter can address the needs of choir singers, cantors and/or congregational singers (yes, even congregation members have a music ministry to those around them in church!). 

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the process of shaping the day that will change the music provision in your parish.