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Welcome to the Clifton Music Service newsletter

Clifton Music Service is the Diocesan Music Service for the Clifton Diocese. We are based at Clifton Cathedral. Over the coming months and years we'll be sending this newsletter out to musicians and churches in the Clifton diocese and further abroad.

It will contain news about diocesan events, ideas for music and liturgy in your parish and the chance for you to interact with other musicians in the diocese. The focus will be on interactivity - we want to hear what you're doing, what you're thinking and we want to find out how we can help you.

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Diocesan Choir - Glastonbury Pilgrimage

A huge thank you to everyone who sang at the Chrism Mass in the cathedral during Holy Week. The reaction to the choir's singing and its leading of the Mass has been great.

We're now turning our attention to the Glastonbury Pilgrimage in July, which is the next time that the choir will be singing. As those of you who've been to Glastonbury before will know, the Pilgrimage Mass takes place in the afternoon in the fantastic setting of Glastonbury Abbey itself. Bishop Declan will celebrate Mass, and there will be hundreds of pilgrims and others there enjoying the sunshine (we hope!) and the worship.

The music will include a new setting of the Hail Mary plus many old favourites and other pieces that you may not have sung before (including the Glastonbury setting of the Mass, written by Christopher Walker). There will be a rehearsal on the week before, on the afternoon of Sunday July 3rd. The rehearsal will be in Bristol, but not necessarily at the cathedral.

if you want to sing at the Glastonbury Pilgrimage, please let us know by emailing Martin Le Poidevin, who will be leading the Pilgrimage Music, here.


New translation of the Roman Missal

Many thanks to all who attended the Music Day on Saturday. We know there were problems with the unexpectedly large turnout, but we hope that you got some information and enjoyment out of it. If nothing else, we hope it provided you with a chance to meet and talk to other musicians.

As promised on the day, we have created a web page with resources for the new translation. This list will grow in the coming weeks and months, but for the moment you can see it here.

On the site there are also introductions to the settings of the mass which we are recommending, and a reminder about the two upcoming musicians days in Taunton and Brockworth.

There's also a list of the mass settings which have currently been approved by the Liturgy Office.

There'll be more information to come, both on the pages of the main website, and in our Forums.


More New Translation Music days

As mentioned at the Music Day in Keynsham, there are two more New Translation Music Days which you can attend. They are at

- Brockworth on July 16th and
- Taunton on July 23rd.

The days will follow a similar format to the one at Keynsham starting with Mass at 10am, but there will be variations to the format later in the day as well as new and updated information on the new translation.

If you want to come to either of the days, please email Doreen Wyatt at


Clifton Music Service website

The Clifton Music Service website at cliftonms.com has some great resources on it for you to use, plus more information about the Music Service, which is updated on a regular basis with news of Diocesan Music and cathedral services.

Give us some idea of what you want to see on it (for instance, a Mass/Service planner is in development, and we hope to get some forums going soon) and we'll do our best to implement them.

We've just opened up the Forums, which will allow you to debate anything you want with like-minded people from around the diocese and, probably, from beyond. If you have any questions, ideas or information that you want to share, feel free to express it in the Forums. You will have to register to take part in the Forums. We know that registering is annoying, but it will mean that we can keep the Forums a nice and secure environment.

Oh, and we've also got a Twitter account. Follow us at @cliftonmusic


You are receiving this newsletter because you are on our (admittedly very old) mailing list.

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