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Clifton Music Service is the Diocesan Music Service for the Clifton Diocese. We are based at Clifton Cathedral. This newsletter contains news about diocesan events. The focus is on interactivity - we want to hear what you're doing, what you're thinking and we want to find out how we can help you, as well as giving you the chance to take part..

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STOP PRESS: If anyone is coming to the Marriage Mass at the Cathedral on 9th February, you are welcome to join us in the singing. 11.30 practice, 12 noon Mass.


Happy New Year!

A belated Happy New Year from us all at the Diocesan Music Department. We hope that your Advent and Christmas celebrations were all that you wished and that your music-making was recognised and appreciated by those in your congregations.

We also hope that you managed any crises caused by the during the past week or so!

This newletter has advanced notice of a number of Masses and celebrations which are happening in the next few months, and for which we need you! Singers, instrumentalists and (if you wish) helpers and all welcome to all the following events.

Please let us know which you can attend by visiting the Diocesan Choir page on our website (click here to get to it) and filling out the appropriate forms (just click on the box next to the event in question).

Alternatively, you can email us at martin@cliftonms.com, use our contact form or Tweet @cliftonmusic.

Rite of Election 2013

The Rite of Election - the occasion on which those who are hoping to be baptised and/or received into the Church at the Easter Vigil come to meet the bishop in the Cathedral takes place this year on 16th February. That's the Saturday before the First Sunday in Lent.

As usual, we are calling on the Diocesan choir and musicians, along with some of the Cathedral Musicians, to lead the music.

The music list includes hymns, songs, chants and psalms. Details are on the Clifton Music Service website now.

The celebration is at 11 o'clock in Clifton Cathedral; we will rehearse from 9.30 in the Cathedral and there will be no rehearsal prior to the day.

If you are intending to sing at the Rite of Election, please click here to register your interest - please note that this isn't a binding commitment, but it allows us to prepare seats and music.

Also note that if you are a sponsor for a candidate, or are coming to support someone from your parish, you are still welcome to join us to sing. If you need to leave the choir to carry out other duties, we will make sure you can do so.

Chrism Mass 2013

The Chrism Mass this year takes place on 27th March, at 11am. As usual, the Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Declan in the Cathedral, and the Diocesan Choir along with professional musicians and musicians from around the Diocese will provide the music.

The Chrism Mass is the highlight of the Diocesan year (although there's also something extra special this year - see below) and to ensure the best possible musical performance we will be holding a rehearsal on the Sunday before the Mass - Sunday 24th March in Clifton Cathedral.

We're hoping to find another location and time for another rehearsal - it would be useful if you can let us know either by emailing martin@cliftonms.com, using our contact form, or when you register.

There will then be a final rehearsal to put everything together with the brass and organ on the morning of the Chrism Mass itself.

If you can attend the Chrism Mass and want to sing, please let us know by registering here.

Attendance at at least one rehearsal before the day is required, so that we can make sure that everyone knows what is going on!

We look forward to seeing you and will send you all the information you'll need soon.


Diocesan Musicians Mass 2012 - a big thank you

A big thank you to all the musicians - both singers and instrumentalists - who sang and played at the Musicians Day and Mass on 25th November. It was a fantastic turnout, and a great sound was made by all.

We were sorry that many people couldn't make it because of the flooding and other reasons, but we hope that those who did attend found the day stimulating and worthwhile. There was a great atmosphere, and we are planning on holding a similar event - maybe a week earlier in the liturgical year - later this year.

This event does not necessarily have to be at the Cathedral - it would be good to take it somewhere else. If you have an idea of where we can hold the event, or would like to offer your own parish, please let us know.


Clifton Cathedral 40th Anniversary Mass

The Cathedral of our Diocese will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary on 29th June this year. The Anniversary has triggered a new Festival - the Clifton International Festival, also on Twitter - which will feature a wide range of high quality concerts and events, including concerts by the Tallis Scholars and the Erebus Ensemble.

The highlight of the week, though, will be the Mass on Saturday 29th June, which will give thanks for the 40 years of the Cathedral. The Diocesan Choir has been invited to take part in this, alongside the Cathedral's own musicians.

We want as many Diocesan Singers as possible to be able to attend to make this a truly memorable event.

The Mass is on the Saturday morning (29th June); but there will be some rehearsal in the weeks leading up to 29th June. There should be a great deal media interest in the Mass and Festival so a stunning performance (as usual) from the Diocesan Choir is called for. Please show by registering via this web page that you will be able to attend.


Diocesan Choir Co-ordinator

If anybody can offer some help as a Diocesan Choir Co-ordinator on a voluntary basis, please let Martin Le Poidevin know. Responsibilities would include reminding Martin about things, helping to arrange events and so on.


Clifton Music Service website

The Clifton Music Service website at cliftonms.com has some great resources on it for you to use, plus more information about the Music Service, which is updated on a regular basis with news of Diocesan Music and cathedral services.

There is also a section with music which has been written by some of our Diocesan musicians.

Give us some idea of what you want to see on it (for instance, a Mass/Service planner is in development, and we hope to get some forums going soon) and we'll do our best to implement them.

Oh, and we've also got a Twitter account. Follow us at @cliftonmusic. And a Facebook page - Clifton-Music-Service/.


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