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Clifton Music Service is the Diocesan Music Service for the Clifton Diocese. We are based at Clifton Cathedral. This newsletter contains news about diocesan events. The focus is on interactivity - we want to hear what you're doing, what you're thinking and we want to find out how we can help you, as well as giving you the chance to take part.

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We hope that Lent has started well for you and your parishes, and that you are finding inspiration from the spring weather! This Newsletter has more news on the Chrism Mass, an update on the Summer Courses and more opportunities to join in.

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Chrism Mass 2014 - update

Thanks to those of you who have pointed out that the dates for the Chrism Mass were wrongly printed on the website for a time: to confirm, the Chrism Mass is on 16th April, with rehearsals on 6th and 13th. Apologies for the confusion!

Many thanks to everyone who has already registered to sing at this year's Chrism Mass in the Cathedral. But we still have room for many more singers.

The Chrism Mass is one of the highlights of the Diocesan year. It takes place in the Cathedral on the Wednesday of Holy Week, which this year is the 16th April.

The music is led by the Diocesan choir and musicians, and Mass is celebrated by the Bishop. Most of the Diocese's priests come to concelebrate Mass with the Bishop, which makes it a splendid occasion, and a thrilling one to participate in. Add to that the brass players, the organ and piano accompaniment and the other instruments and the event becomes truly magnificent.

As there is so much music in the Mass, it is important that the choir is at its best for the event. Therefore, we are asking that people attend at least one rehearsal before the day.

The proposed music list for this year's Mass will include music by (among others) a range of modern Catholic composers, including past and present members of Cilfton diocesan music staff. Some will be well known, others will be new. There may well be a number of items which you can take back to your parishes.

  • Rutter: For the Beauty of the Earth (to be confirmed)
  • Haugen: Shepherd me O God
  • Le Poidevin: Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
  • Geary: Gloria Tintinnabuli
  • Le Poidevin: Ss Peter and Paul Eucharistic Acclamations
  • Sands: Sing of the Lord's Goodness

plus much more.

For more details, and to register for the Mass, please see this page on our website.

And make sure that you tell your friends and fellow musicians from your parish and elsewhere about the Chrism Mass.

Future events

There are a lot of events for Diocesan musicians to get involved with, or attend, this year.

As well as the Chrism Mass (see above), Diocesan music events this year include:

  • The Hours at Clifton Cathedral. Pentecost Weekend - 7th/8th June. The Daily Office (in the modern format of the Daily Office). Will include the Pentecost Vigil
  • A newly created Evening Requiem by composer Martin Le Poidevin. This will be part of the Clifton International Festival of Music, and is likely to be in November. It will be related to the Armistice Day celebrations.
  • The Glastonbury Pilgrimage. Let's hope it's just slightly cooler, but no less sunny, than last year! Click here for more details
  • Summer courses on being a Better Music Leader. More details below

Be a better music leader

This summer we're planning a number of day-long courses for music leaders from around the diocese (and, if people are interested, from beyond the diocese).

Many thanks to those who have already registered interest and put their ideas forward. The day(s) will certainly include items on starting, maintaining, leading and choosing music for a choir.

The day(s) will be lead by diocesan musicians. There will be a charge for these days.

The day(s) will be held on Saturdays in July and early August. More details will follow, but if you visit our Diocesan Music page you will be able to register for the event and give some indication of what you might find useful.

Many more spaces are available - for more information and the latest details, and to register your interest, click here.

Clifton Cathedral Music Group

The Music Group at Clifton Cathedral is always open to new members. No singing or musical experience is required, although there are also openings for soloists, instrumentalists, leaders and so on.

The Group meets to rehearse in the Cathedral House (next to the Cathedral itself) on Thursday evenings, for an hour. It then sings at the 9.30 Mass each Sunday morning, which is the Cathedral Parish Family Mass. The repertoire covers a full range of modern (and some more traditional) Catholic Music; coming along and singing with the group for even a short time may open your eyes to some of the music and techniques which you can take back to your parish.

If you want to come and join the Music Group, please get in touch with Director Martin Le Poidevin (who also directs the Diocesan Choir).

Find out more about the Music Group here.

Music for Lent and Easter

Don't forget that you can buy and download music from our website. We're constantly updating the shop page with new music from our team of musicians at the cathedral and round the diocese.

There is an increasing amount of music for the Lent and Easter season on the shop - we've added items in the past few days. All the music will be sent via email in .pdf format (although hard print copies are available). Make it one of the places you check for all your music needs for a Sunday morning and beyond.

Do you have any messages?

This newsletter is an excellent way of staying in touch with the musicians from around the Diocese. If you need anything - an organist, a piece of music, any ideas or help - then email martin@cliftonms.com or the new Diocesan Choir co-ordinator Lesley Lee (lesley.lee@blueyonder.co.uk) and we'll include you in a future issue.

Clifton Music Service website

The Clifton Music Service website at cliftonms.com has some great resources on it for you to use, plus more information about the Music Service, which is updated on a regular basis with news of Diocesan Music and cathedral services.

There is also a section with music which has been written by some of our Diocesan musicians.

Give us some idea of what you want to see on it (for instance, a Mass/Service planner is in development, and we hope to get some forums going soon) and we'll do our best to implement them.

Oh, and we've also got a Twitter account. Follow us at @cliftonmusic. And a Facebook page - Clifton-Music-Service/.

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